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EnerNex Assists in SuperBowl Preparations

January 20, 2014

By Erich Gunther, Chairman and CTO

It seems that everything in our lives these days is becoming more and more dependent on electric power.  In the not too distant past when a localized outage occurred it was an inconvenience to be sure, but not a life altering or economy busting event.  Today we have become so dependent on energy to power everything from our individual devices to the large systems of systems that they connect to, we have turned ourselves into an always on society – always powered, always communicating.  When either communications, power or both, are interrupted – even for short periods of less than 30 minutes – it seems like we have fallen back into the stone age.

This trend has spread to how we entertain ourselves in the sporting world.  There have been numerous stories over the past year of games being interrupted due to power outages – baseball game 3 of the ALCS at Comerica park, a women’s basketball game at Murray State, and of course the 2013 Super Bowl in New Orleans.  It turns out that there have been years with many more sports venue related outages – Game 4 of the 1988 Stanley Cup finals and then again in 1990 in Game 1 of that years series, and a 49’ers/Steelers game in 2011.  What has changed is our much reduced tolerance for such interruptions – financially and socially.


To help minimize the chances for a repeat of the 2013 New Orleans Super Bowl outage, EnerNex was retained last year by the New York New Jersey Super Bowl Host Committee and PSE&G to provide independent engineering consulting support to help ensure that the power systems serving the stadium and other event venues are ready and able to handle the expected load and perform well under a wide range of contingencies. EnerNex has also partnered with Patterson Power Engineers to assist with a detailed protection system review as part of the project.

 See us at DTech Booth 3064 to learn more and how we can help your utility, sports venue, or sports organizing committee minimize the chances of your organization experiencing a game interrupting event.

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