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Doug Houseman

Vice President of Innovation and Technology

  • Department: Smart Grid Engineering
  • Year Joined Firm: 2009
  • Power Industry Years: 30
  • Education: PhD, Naval Architecture – in progress- The University of Michigan; B.S., Naval Architecture, The United States Naval Academy
  • Expertise: business and IT architecture, process and procedure, security (including smart grid/AMI)
  • Phone: 734-454-1554
  • Contact Doug:

Doug's Biography

Doug Houseman, VP of Technical Innovation, is working with clients all over North America and Australia on issues related to Smart Grid/Metering/Homes and other related issues. He works with regulators, utilities and vendors to the market to help move the industry to the next generation grid, as well as the next generation of customer relationship.

Doug has extensive experience in the energy and utility industry and has been involved in projects in more than 30 countries. He is routinely invited to speak at international events in the industry and has been widely quoted in a number of international publications. Doug was named part of the World Generation Class of 2007, one of 30 people in the global utility and energy industry so named. He was the lead investigator on one of the largest studies on the future of distribution companies over the last 5 years working with more than 100 utilities and 20 governments.

Doug has a broad background in Utilities and Energy. He worked for Capgemini in the Energy Practice for more than 15 years. During that time he rose to the position of CTO of the 12,000 person practice. During that same time Capgemini grew from less than $10 million dollars in Energy related revenue to more than $2.4 billion. Doug was part of the Global leadership team and worked all over the world in a thought leadership and delivery role. During that time Doug founded the Smart Energy Alliance, lead the Distribution Roadmap 2025, and developed the smart metering and smart grid practices.

Professional Highlights
Utility Industry

  • Member of the NIST/EPRI smart grid framework architecture team. Helped develop the NIST smart grid framework model.
  • Designer of the second NIST workshop for Smart Grid.
  • Facilitator of over 40 single utility smart grid road map sessions in 14 countries.
  • Reviewed a number of ARRA submissions for various organizations and wrote sections of said submissions.
  • Supported Software and Hardware selection for a major west coast utility for a smart meter/smart grid rollout.
  • For a smart metering project involving more than 5 million electric and gas meters. The project also includes provision for more than 1 million home area networks with an average of 20 devices in each home.
  • Member of the Open-Smart Grid working group with specific work in Utility-AMI, AMI-Sec, OpenHAN, and Enterprise-AMI. Working on the DR, Load Control and Security task forces.
  • Member of IEEE PES with a lead role in the Intelligent Grid Coordinating Committee, Authorship in the Emerging Technologies White Paper, Authorship in 5 Wind working group papers on wind collector systems. Doug is part of the team authoring the Wind Collector System papers for the 2009 General Meeting for PES and the Chair of the Smart Grid Super Session.
  • Chairman of Smart Metering Europe 2008 and 2009. Facilitator of Smart Grid-Africa 2008, Member of the US Department of Energy Smart Grid working group. Co-author of the EPRI Clean-Tech Dashboard.