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offshore windpower

The evolution of the electric power industry, both in terms of technology and restructuring, has impacted the goals, scope, and methods of power system simulation, analytical, and planning activities. Relatively new technologies, such as wind generation and distributed energy resources, do not always fit well into the standard analytical frameworks employed for assuring reliable performance of the power system. Also, the introduction and maturation of competitive power markets has altered the traditional equation for power generation, transmission, and distribution. These developments present both a challenge and an opportunity for electric power utilities, system operators, and customers in ensuring power system reliability, security, and efficiency.

EnerNex is involved in the ongoing grid modernization efforts in California and other states and for various utilities. Our involvement is on the architectural level as well as on the analytical level, utilizing the latest advanced analytical tools for modeling and simulation. This combination of knowledge and skills sets us apart from other engineering consulting firms, and provides our clients with comprehensive cutting-edge guidance that is so critical to these fundamental changes in the power industry.

Transmission and Distribution Studies
Bulk Power System Analysis
Power Quality/Power Disturbance Troubleshooting


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