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Announcing Utility Stats

UtilityStatsIconforSite-300x297Utility Stats delivers information about more than 3,200 U.S. Electric Utilities at your fingertips. How many Megawatt Hours of electricity did a given utility deliver to its customers in the year? How many customers does it serve? How much revenue did it derive from its operations? Filter data on several criteria or search for a utility by name. Data is derived from EIA Reports, so the data is authoritative. Data is for 2010, the most recent complete data set available.

Displays utility name, number of customers, and Megawatt Hours. Configurable to show residential, commercial, industrial, or total.

Tap a utility to see more details, with Utility operations broken down by state.


Q. Is this live data?
A. No. The data is stored in an internal database constructed from data on the Energy Information Administration’s web site.

Q. Does Utility Stats connect to my network?
A. No. Utility Stats doesn’t require any network connection in order to display the data.

Q. Where does this data come from? Is it authoritative?
A. The data comes from this link from the 2010 data set.

Q. The data on the EIA web site contains a lot of tables that aren’t shown in the app. Why were the others omitted?
A. The other tables were omitted because it was decided they were outside the scope of the app. If there is sufficient interest, these data could be added to a future version of the app.

Q. Why doesn’t the “Done” button in the filter dismiss the filter view?
A. The “Done” button is a standard iPhone/iPad button that turns off editing of the filter list. When the Filter View first appears, and there are no filters loaded, the view is automatically placed in edit mode so that the user won’t have to tap the “Edit” button. Just tap the green “+” button to add your first filter. Once a filter is created, when the filter view is loaded it will be in normal view and you’ll have to tap the “Edit” button in order to add/delete filters. Tap the “Done” button to switch back to normal view. To dismiss the filter view, tap the “Close” button on the left. (In iPad, tap the “Apply” button to apply the set of filters. Tap outside the popover view to dismiss the popover, which will also apply the filter in case you forgot to tap “Apply” first.)

Q. Why do some Utilities show zero values?
A. These data are as provided by EIA from the utility’s Form EIA-861 filing, with some work done to make it run in this app. In some cases, utilities may list zero for some categories of customers because they do no business with those customers while they may do a great deal of business with other categories of customer. Examples are utilities that sell electricity exclusively to local utilities but don’t sell directly to residential customers.

Q. Why do some values show “N/A”?
A. In some cases the data reported were left blank. It would be invalid to assume those blanks were zero, so the app shows N/A in those cases.

Q. What is meant by “Locations”
A. In many cases, utilities may do business in several states. Those states are listed in the detail view.

Q. Why do some utilities have two locations but they’re in one state?
A. The detail listings are shown by state and by service type. Service types consist of “Bundled”, “Energy”, and “Delivery”. Detail views show numbers broken down by both state and service type.

Q. When I sort the main view by selecting MWH or Revenue, the numbers shown below each utility name don’t seem to agree with the index.
A. The indexes are prepared from Total Sales (MWH) and Total Revenues. The user can select these values to display under the utility name by using the settings button (the wrench icon). The indexes should agree only when the Totals option is selected. This is a known issue and may be addressed in future app revision.

Utility Ownership Key

Utility Ownership Dot Key
Cooperative Black
Federal Blue
Investor Owned Red
Municipal Blue
Municipal Mktg Authority Blue
Political Subdivision Cyan
Power Marketer Magenta
Retail Power Marketer Yellow
State Blue
Transmission Green
Unregulated Blank – no dot


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