POTUS Needs Your Help

The 45th president of the United States will inherit all manner of challenges including many crucial issues surrounding electric energy. See the advice our Xperts would give POTUS if they were appointed senior advisor to the president for electric energy.
John H. Baker Jr., Michael Heyeck, Doug Houseman, Marlon Vogt 1, Bradley Schmidt, Mani Vadari, Seth Hulkhower | May 23, 2016

Already the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign has been one of the more interesting in recent memory — and we are not even finished with the primaries. Whoever becomes the next president will face a wide range of critical issues. Energy and the surrounding challenges will be one of the issues the 45th president will have to face.

Fast-forward with me to February 2017. The newly elected president has heard that you are a top-tier energy expert as evidenced by your regular and noteworthy contributions to IdeaXchange. Your phone rings, and the caller ID reads “White House.” When you answer, a very professional-sounding voice says, “Please hold for the president of the United States.” After a short time that seems much longer, the president comes on the line.

The president greets you warmly, and after a few short pleasantries, gets to the purpose of the call. The president says, “[insert your name here], I recognize how critical electric power is to the welfare of the nation, and I know the industry is facing significant challenges. My staff tells me you are on top of what is happening in the utility industry, and I am hoping you can help me out.”