EnerNex developed and recorded a continuing education presentation entitled “Microgrids and the City – From analysis to case studies” that is marketed and sold by Red Vector on their website.

Is your municipality prepared for a loss of power for days, or even weeks? The use of backup generators is really a short-term solution that only addresses one aspect of loss of power – what about the rest? Wireless communications? Clean water? Gasoline/diesel? Medicines?

A holistic approach to energy from upfront and ongoing efficiency, minimizing demand, and designing, building, and operating long-term outage solutions is within the grasp of all municipalities.

This presentation will examine energy resiliency resources and provide two case-study examples of the application of those resources.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify limitations of a resilient system when performing an “as-is” assessment so as not to disrupt life safety, restoration effectiveness, and socio-economic continuity during a major event
  • Prioritize investment decisions for improving resiliency
  • Describe how managing energy, transportation fuels supply, communications, and societal needs (water, sewer, medicines) are interdependent
  • Apply a recognized analytical framework to address the problem of energy assurance


Aaron Snyder, Director of Grid Technology Consulting
865-218-4600 x6147