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by | Sep 30, 2014 | Projects

EnerNex assisted TVA with the development of the PowerWAN, a new wide area network empowering real-time, IP based access to operational and non-operational data from TVA’s remotely deployed field devices. The scope of work fell into three broad areas: Solution Development; Training & Outreach; Security Policy; and Testing. The EnerNex team performed on-site stakeholder engagement interviews to help TVA identify anticipated use cases and discover unforeseen applications and then established an overall framework for the PowerWAN Security Policy. We worked closely with TVA all the way down to the application-level details needed for real-world implementation. As part of the security policy development effort, EnerNex created a Secure Device Specification for TVA to provide to vendors for intelligent electronic devices intended to be deployed on the PowerWAN. The specification was designed to ensure that devices had the capability to meet the PowerWAN Security Policy, allowing TVA to meet the Critical Infrastructure Protection standards, produced by the North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC). The specification is intended to provide a means of setting goals for vendors providing Intelligent Electronic Devices that will reside on the PowerWAN. EnerNex also developed an accompanying Rationale document, explaining in detail the motivation and importance behind each of the requirements. As a follow on to the Security Policy development, EnerNex supported TVA in development of functional requirements for secure remote access of field devices located within TVA’s transmission and generation facilities.

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