Extensive work around the globe in understanding their constituencies, challenges and opportunities.

Government agencies and research organizations in the U.S. and abroad often must determine how new policies, technologies and trends will affect power industry stakeholders in order to support them. Policy and regulatory goals require assessment and analysis by these agencies and organizations to understand the challenges presented by regulatory compliance or technology adoption.

Government agencies and research organizations often need to partner with consultants with specialized knowledge, experience and skills in areas such as modeling, forecasting, threat analysis, standards development, reference designs, architecture designs and energy assurance planning, among other topics.

EnerNex’s research studies support these needs through unmatched technical expertise, deep experience and proprietary modeling and forecasting capabilities.

Our expertise includes the creation of wind and solar forecasting tools, grid modernization architectures and roadmaps, demand response reference designs, threat analysis and resiliency for the aftermath of hazardous events, energy assurance planning, microgrid development and requirements, energy efficiency standards for buildings, reference designs for smart thermostats, the role, placement and value of energy storage, and other initiatives.

We also offer assistance in developing long-term business and technology investment plans, including position paper development for utility advocacy organizations.

EnerNex has worked extensively with government agencies and research organizations across the globe and understands their constituencies, challenges and opportunities.


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