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Celebrating Erich Gunther
Honoring his legacy with a scholarship to inspire the future

We invite you to honor the legacy of Erich Gunther by supporting the IEEE Foundation’s Erich Gunther Memorial Fund. Your gift will help inspire future professionals who are pushing the boundaries of current thought to make our industry better. Electricity drives our world. Together, we will create an even more brilliant future.

Click here to make a donation.

A Note from Jeff and Bob

We are so privileged and thankful for the opportunity to work closely with Erich. He was a colleague and business partner, but most of all, he was a friend. Erich co-founded the company with us back in 2003 and he’s been working ever since to not only advance EnerNex, but to also move the industry he served so diligently for 3 decades forward. His tremendous leadership, vision and passion for the electric power industry will have a lasting impact on the community, the country and the world. He will surely be missed.

As EnerNex continues to serve our clients and our industry, we thank you for support and condolences.


Jeff Lamoree, CEO and co-founder
Bob Zavadil, EVP and co-founder

System Impacts of PV and Other DER from Erich Gunther on Vimeo.

About EnerNex

EnerNex provides
innovative and professional electric power research, engineering and consulting services to government, utilities, industry and private institutions.

Our focus
is to help our customers solve electric power related issues and develop technology and expertise that will improve the operation and reliability of electric power systems.

As experts
in power systems analysis, control, integration and technologies, our extensive engineering and analytical capabilities and understanding of electric utility systems can help you move forward in a time of change in the industry.

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