EnerNex is the leader in research, engineering and consulting services to the electric power industry.

At EnerNex, customers come first. We’re all about creating long-lasting customer partnerships and working with them to solve their electric power grid challenges of today and tomorrow.

Get To Know Us | EnerNex Founders

Established in 2003, EnerNex was founded by Jeff Lamoree, Bob Zavadil and Erich Gunther with a vision and passion to improve the operation and reliability of electric power systems.

EnerNex Founders: Erich W. Gunther, Jeff Lamoree and Robert “Bob” Zavadil

We have a collaborative approach between the company’s two traditional business areas, Smart Grid Engineering and Power Systems Consulting, to better serve our customers as grid modernization initiatives gain momentum. Our team of technical experts get the big picture and how all of the elements of electric power engineering fit together. Click here for an overview of our five service areas.


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In June of 2016, Erich Gunther, our co-founder, chairman and chief technology officer, passed away unexpectedly at the age of 57.
Learn more about how his knowledge and legacy live on.