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The Energy Journal | January 2019

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A Publication from our CESI Partner:

CESI’s publication of The Energy Journal’s issue n.13 is entirely dedicated to America. The Energy Journal focuses on the continent as a whole, with all its deep diversities and enormous potential, in order to delineate an energy scenario as complete and up-to-date as possible.

From smart cities to grid modernization, from electric mobility to the fight against climate change: America is facing different challenges with unique possibilities of innovation.

The magazine covers all the possible and sometimes contrasting perspectives, in order to give readers a full grasp of the energy challenges that this continent is facing. From north, where people are inventing and identifying new ways of looking at energy; to south, where countries are in transition and boast an enormous potential that has yet to be fully tapped, these challenges can be overcome only by avant-garde technologies. We also found cities on the front lines, reinventing their energy scenario thanks to new models of energy innovation and sustainability.​​​

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