Mar 2, 2021 | Article

[Anterix-Energy Central Roundtable] 2021 Annual Predictions and Trends for the Power Industry Roundtable

by | Mar 2, 2021 | Article

2021 Annual Predictions and Trends for the Power Industry Roundtable with Energy Central

If 2020 taught us anything, it is how difficult it can be to predict the future! Looking back at the Energy Central’s 2020 Special Issue Series we certainly didn’t see anyone sharing predictions on an evolving remote work environment, utility shutoff moratoriums, and digital experiences replacing in-person visits to customers. That said, thought leaders and experts in the industry did share plenty that came to fruition: from customer-driven technologies to decarbonization of the grid to digital technologies taking a leap forward and more.

While the future is hard to predict, it is even more impossible to forecast what is going to impact the utility industry if you are not listening to the executives and innovators who are creating that future. That is why Anterix Industry Insights is excited to collaborate with Energy Central to bring some of the author’s highlights from Energy Central’s 2021 Predictions & Trends Special Issue Series into a roundtable discussion.

Replay our Industry Insights 2021 Annual Predictions and Trends for the Power Industry Roundtable from February 17th at 12:00 PM EST with Energy Central and our host Pete Tseronis of Dots and Bridges. Featuring industry experts that contributed articles to this special issue:

  1. Stephane Bilodeau, Chairman and Chief Technology Officer at Novacab Inc.
  2. Stephen J Callahan, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at GridBright
  3. Ron Chebra, Vice President of Grid Modernization at EnerNex

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