By: Ron Chebra, VP of Grid Modernization
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Recently a client of our asked if we had any sense of emerging or nascent technologies that will be game changers over the next 10 or so years. We brainstormed about key things like:

Energy Storage – new chemistries that will reduce costs, improve performance and become a significant asset to the generation fleet.

Universal and Standard telemetry networks – economical, secure common and efficient communications networks that will unleash the Internet of Things;

Solar PV innovationsthin film and transparent solar collectors that will replace windows;

EVSE inductive charging stations – drive-up stations that will allow vehicles to rapidly recharge; making the refueling experience comparable to gas stations;

DC Building distribution – was Edison right? Will premises structured wiring now move toward DC?

Analog Convergence – we have already seen the digital convergence to the home with email displacement of paper; streaming media replacing cable and over the air; will there be a single pipe to the building that displaces electricity, gas and water?

Everything with GPS – location-based information will be embedded into everything (and everybody?)

What does your crystal ball show?