Featured in Energy Central: Distribution Automation: A General Business Case for Intelligent Switches for Electric Power Distribution System Reliability.

By: Bikash Poudel, Ph.DSarina Adhikari, Ph.D, Sean Morash

“Power distribution systems were designed to be simple and dependable because of the immense scale, circuit miles, and capital investment necessary to initially construct them. As the distribution system is modernized in conjunction with increased levels of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), it is important to maintain safe and dependable operation while designing an inherently more complex system. With increasing electricity supply coming from the DERs, distribution circuits will have a larger role in overall system reliability. The present grid was not designed to rely on generation at the distribution side. Therefore, minimizing the effect of power supply interruption has dual effects in ensuring that the customers are served, and that the DERs continue to generate and support the system…”

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