A Look into the Heart of the DSO: Sun Qi’s First Day as an Intern

By Doug Houseman

Sun Qi is the new intern with a master’s degree in Power Engineering at the DSO in California and is being introduced around on his first day.

His first stop of the day is with the customer portal team, who are running the statistics from the overnight operation of the portal and looking at the status of all of the feeds to the customer portal. The portal team confirms that the updates for interconnect requests, the updated large customer capabilities and the circuit maps for where storage, demand side management, and distributed generation are desired, all uploaded correctly. The map for planned outages did not upload correctly and the team starts to work on getting the upload fixed, so Sun moves on.

Sun visits with the interconnection team, a role he is seriously considering, and sees that the incoming requests from yesterday have all been sorted by location, size, and the circuit’s capability to accept more distributed generation.