Fortune 50 HQ | Energy Storage Analysis for Microgrid Support

by | Apr 20, 2017 | Grid Modernization, Microgrid engineering and analysis, Projects

EnerNex helped design one of the largest campus microgrids in the country for a Fortune 50 company. The project challenges included:

  • High power quality needed for sensitive manufacturing processes
  • Need for a resilient system following a natural disaster
  • Providing renewable energy for over 1000 electric vehicle chargers on-site; and
  • Determining the optimal energy storage under uncertain future market prices

EnerNex’s design highlights include:

  • A community-sized Net Zero Energy (NZE) microgrid
  • 100% net renewable energy including 8 MWs of solar PV, 6 MWs of fuel cells
  • Over 4 MW hours of energy storage

EnerNex modeled the system to ensure that the net zero power systems will operate within the extremely sensitive requirements for power quality in terms of voltage, frequency and harmonics. We specified interconnection, cyber security, power quality and the reliability requirements for the microgrid. EnerNex also helped optimally size energy storage for economic benefits.

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