Southern California Edison (SCE) | Battery Demand Response

by | Jan 31, 2017 | Demand Response, Grid Modernization, Projects, Utilities and Large Energy Consumers

EnerNex has worked with Southern California Edison (SCE) for many years on a variety of projects related to Demand Response.

As battery energy storage is becoming an important component of advanced grid operations to assist in balancing the intermittent output from distributed generation, the performance of the battery systems needs to be assessed. EnerNex worked with Southern California Edison (SCE) to conduct thirteen tests with three industrial customers utilizing large (>1MW) capacity battery storage systems located behind the customer meter. The battery systems were simultaneously performing building-level peak shaving throughout the day and responding to the demand response dispatch signals from the system operators. EnerNex then measured and evaluated performance of the storage devices and also assessed whether there were any associated power quality issues.

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