Bob Zavadil
Co-Founder Emeritus
Knoxville, TN

Bob Zavadil is responsible for developing and overseeing EnerNex’s power system engineering and consulting business. He is a nationally recognized expert in electric power system issues for wind generation. His clients in the wind generation industry range from turbine designers and manufacturers to project developers and operators, along with transmission service providers and independent transmission system operators. He has extensive experience with new and emerging technologies for electric power generation, delivery, and utilization, including distributed generation and power electronics-based equipment.

Bob is the 2016 recipient of the Wayne E. Knabach Award for Excellence in Power. This award is given annually to an individual or a company that contributes to the advancement of the power industry and/or to the South Dakota State University’s Center for Power Systems Studies (CPSS). Selection of the award winner is based upon the dedication, expertise, and outstanding efforts of the individual or company and the candidate’s promotion of the importance of the power engineering profession and the people practicing in it, and is made by members of the CPSS, comprised of 11 major utility companies and 17 associate members.

Bob has over forty years of experience with advanced modeling and simulation tools for electric power systems. He has supervised multiple wind integration and interconnection studies in bulk power systems and is involved in the majority of the modeling activities at EnerNex. He has supervised and conducted several Sub Synchronous Resonance and interaction studies involving wind power plants in the past with very successful outcomes. One of his recent projects on investigating SSR phenomenon was the performance comparison of SmartWires Router with the EHV series compensation capacitors.

Areas of Expertise

Power Systems Engineering
Advanced Modeling and Simulation
Emerging Technologies for Electric Power Generation
Sub Synchronous Resonance and Interaction Studies


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