Jeffrey Lamoree
Co-Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer
Knoxville, TN

Jeffrey Lamoree is co-founder, President and CEO of EnerNex in Knoxville, Tennessee, where he is responsible for the overall technical and financial management of the corporation. During Jeff’s tenure, the firm has experienced dynamic growth and has built a tremendous reputation and staff in the renewable integration and smart grid areas and has received numerous awards.

Jeff has been involved in power system engineering, consulting, and research and development work for over 30 years. Jeff was involved as a technical advisor for the Utility Variable Generation Integration Group (UVIG) and as Project Manager for EnerNex’s Energy Storage Data Acquisition projects through the Sandia National Labs. In addition, he worked on the EPRI IntelliGrid Project, as well as the recent NIST Smart Grid Roadmap Project through EPRI. He was the Executive Liaison for the NIST Smart Grid Interoperability Phase Two Project, which was awarded to EnerNex in August 2009.

Since beginning his career in the power industry, Jeff’s activities have included the development of monitoring system tools and applications. He was Project Manager for the development and implementation of a web-based data acquisition and reporting system used to aggregate backup generators as part of the NY ISO Emergency Demand Response Program. Jeff managed a project to examine the technical feasibility of using protocol converter gateway devices to secure electric power infrastructure and conducted a project to explore the economic benefits of distribution automation.

Areas of Expertise

Strategic Direction
Company Operations
Project Management
Electric Power Engineering


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