Jens Schoene
Director of Research Studies
Costa Mesa, CA

Jens Schoene joined EnerNex in February 2007. In his capacity as a director, Jens has led and participated in a large variety of projects utilizing his extensive power systems modeling expertise stemming from decades of experience with steady-state, quasi-static time-series, dynamic, and transient studies.

While pursuing his doctorate degree, Jens was employed as a research assistant at the International Center for Lightning Research and Testing (ICLRT). In this capacity, Jens completed research projects (1) for Florida Power and Light (FPL) to investigate the lightning interaction with power distribution lines, (2) for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to investigate the threat of induced effects from nearby lightning to explosive storage bunkers, and (3) for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to investigate the threat of lightning strikes to aircrafts.

While pursuing his Diplom-Ingenieur degree, Jens was a research assistant at the High-Voltage Laboratory, University of Paderborn, Dept. Soest, Germany, where he designed and built a generator to simulate multiple lightning surge currents and voltages. His work on this project earned him the Adam-Herbert Award for outstanding accomplishments in the lightning protection area.

Jens is currently engaged in the design phase of Southern California Edison’s (SCE) Grid Management System (GMS) that will improve reliability and asset utilization, avoid DER-caused problems, and predict load response to market or other signals. The GMS Advanced Applications he is supporting as the technical lead are Short-Term Forecasting Engine (STFE) and Optimization Engine (OE). In addition, Jens evaluated the performance of Distribution System State Estimators (DSSE) for supporting the GMS Use Cases EnerNex developed for SCE.

Areas of Expertise

Power Systems Modeling
Grid Modernization Roadmap
Grid Management System (GMS)
Distribution System State Estimators (DSSE)
Power Systems and Distribution


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