Mariana Kamel
Principal Consultant
Knoxville, TN

Mariana Kamel is a Principal Consultant working on projects to address a range of real-world challenges and concerns for the power system industry, such as: operation of nuclear power plants auxiliary loads and their protection systems in the event of an open-phase fault; correct operation of transmission lines’ protection systems when geomagnetic induced currents blocking devices are present along the fault path; and the reliable integration of smart photovoltaic systems.

In addition, she worked on a number of research projects that explored questions of high interest to the power system research community such as: the voltage stability of power systems and the application of machine learning to the operation of power systems. Her efforts on these projects have led to several solid contributions to the power systems body of knowledge.

Areas of Expertise

Power Systems Operation and Stability
Interconnection of PV Systems to Power Distribution Systems
Photovoltaics (PV)


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