Neil Placer
Director of Utility Services Consulting
Chattanooga, TN

Neil Placer has nearly 25 years of professional experience, with 20 years of specialized industry focus in the electric utility sector. Placer’s comprehensive perspective of the energy industry spans from high-level strategic planning to in-depth technical subject matter expertise. His strategic competencies include roadmap development, enterprise architecture, integrated resource planning, business change management, stakeholder management, customer program management, and product development. His technical expertise includes distributed energy resources (DERs), such as renewable energy, energy storage, and electric vehicles, as well as the operational and information technologies (OT/IT) and associated telemetry required to successfully integrate multiple applications and components into the distribution grid. Placer’s strategic leadership and business acumen, communications capabilities, analytical aptitude, and technical depth enable him to solve complex challenges from high-level and detailed perspectives to meet varying client needs. Prior to joining EnerNex, Placer was involved with setting the strategic direction for the Tennessee Valley Authority’s (TVA) renewable energy solutions programs and assisted with multiple Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) efforts as a DER subject matter expert. Prior to TVA, Placer submitted several solar patent applications as a Design Engineer with BP Solar and excelled as a Mechanical Engineering Officer for the U.S. Government.  

Areas of Expertise

Grid Modernization Roadmap and Strategy
Enterprise Architecture
Project Management
Business Change Management
Distributed Energy Resources (DER)


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