Patrick Humphreys
Atlanta, GA

Patrick Humphreys is an impact-driven educator with 4+ years of experience in assembling dynamic curricula and delivering immersive programs in traditional and virtual classrooms. He is highly adept at bridging cultural divides and harmonizing stakeholders’ vision to implement processes that enable students to thrive. Patrick blends an academic background in Linguistics and Biochemistry & Molecular Biology to convert scientific information into accessible terms for non-technical audiences.

He recently completed a Master of Sustainable Energy & Environmental Management degree at Georgia Tech. He is working to be an energy analyst and blend these skills with an overview of the governance, policies, and market forces that impact the transition to a low-carbon electric grid, leveraging his technical background in R, Excel, and Tableau to visualize and concisely communicate energy and climate change data.

Areas of Expertise

Sustainable Energy
Smart Grid
Environmental Management


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