Vadim Zheglov
Principal Consultant
Atlanta, GA

Vadim Zheglov, Power Systems Principal Consultant, has over 15 years of experience performing studies covering large variety of areas such as electric power grid modernization, power quality issues in wind plants and other power systems, renewable generation integration in distribution systems, integration cost analysis, arc flash hazards, and others. He has conducted analytical studies of various power systems related projects, such as load flow, transient and harmonic studies using PSSE, PSLF, Matlab/Simulink, OpenDSS, CYME, EMTP-RV and various other simulation tools. Vadim also performs on-site field measurements on operating power systems ranging from solar and wind power plants to integrated backup power supplies and industrial facilities.

Areas of Expertise

Grid Modernization
Power Quality
Renewable Generation Integration and Distribution Systems
Power Systems Simulation and Analysis


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