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[WHITE PAPER] Toward Developing Metrics for Power System Resilience

by | Jan 9, 2020 | Whitepapers

Recent extreme weather events, such as the destruction wrought by Superstorm Sandy in the Northeast and Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, have underscored the need for a resilient electric system. Lives can be lost because of a loss of electric power. Grid planners have long understood the need to keep people powered and have planned for the unexpected. Transmission routes are often redundant, providing an added layer of certainty that power will be delivered. But as the system continues to evolve, as technology is leveraged to make our power system more efficient, and as threats to the system grow in both volume and attack surface (considering the interdependent power and communications infrastructures), the need to differentiate between resilience and reliability has grown.

EnerNex recently published a white paper that included a framework for grid practitioners to evaluate their evolving grid modernization efforts in the context of resilience. This effort builds upon that paper and industry activities to propose a metric to measure a grid’s resilience.

We also provide additional details on the metrics proposed, as well as the next steps in this endeavor, including the goal of circulating this work for refinement and input. Developing resilient energy systems will not be done in isolation; defining them similarly should not be exclusionary.



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