We offer vendors, utilities and regulatory elements a place to evaluate and understand technology readiness for smart grid.

The rapid evolution of advanced control and communication technologies that are being applied to the electric grid has presented a challenge both to utilities and the vendor community. In the past, utilities were subject to slow rates of technology change in the power system and often do not have the personnel, facilities, or expertise available to evaluate new technologies. Similarly, new vendor entrants into the industry are unprepared to deal with the unique environment of utility technology deployment (harsh physical environment, life safety critical systems, very high degrees of reliability, inaccessibility of devices, unique cyber security requirements, etc.).

EnerNex technology services address these utility-side and vendor-side issues through technology maturity evaluation, requirements development, specification writing, utility procurement assistance, vendor technology design review engineering and consulting, pre-conformance testing, security design review, and device and system level penetration testing. We offer vendors, utilities, and regulatory stakeholders a neutral and trusted place to evaluate and understand technology readiness for smart grid in ongoing and emerging technology efforts.

IEC 61850
Utility Procurement Assistance
Vendors Due Diligence
Pre-certification Testing
Communications Cyber Assurance


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