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August 21st, 2019

Utility Telecommunications

season 2 , Eps. 1

Ron Chebra’s interview with Joy Ditto, President and CEO of Utilities Technology Council, discussing the importance and dependence the energy industry has on reliable, scalable and secure telecommunications for virtually every operational aspect that a utility has.

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Episode Guest

Joy Ditto

President and CEO of Utilities Technology Council

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This 2-page brief covers the significance of utility telecommunications, the key structural elements to consider, and the steps you can take today to support prudent and proactive utility decision-making and investments. Included is a framework focusing on three primary areas—technology, business, and people—to comprehensively explore this topic from various grid practitioner perspectives.

Ask the Experts

  • Ron Chebra

    Vice President of Grid Modernization
  • Neil Placer

    Director of Utility Services