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November 20th, 2019

Utility Cybersecurity

Season 2, Eps. 3

Cybersecurity is at the front of mind for many utility operators, IT specialists, and has risen to the level of importance for many utilities that actually have a Chief Information Security Officer. While there is a growing need to have access to more field assets in the grid, the result is that we now expose more potential threat vectors. Secure devices, secure communication links and secure systems are many of the typical tools that utilities employ to thwart the potential for intrusion. There is a significant difference between IT Security and OT security. On this episode, we hear from Andrew Ginter, VP of Industrial Security with Waterfall Security. The author of two books, SCADA Security: What’s Broken and How To Fix It (the red book) and Secure Operations Technology (the black book) and is the host of The Industrial Security Podcast series.

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Episode Guests

Andrew Ginter

VP of Industrial Security, Waterfall Security

Ron Chebra

VP of Grid Modernization, EnerNex (the host)

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Our grid, one of the most complex machines in the world, is a critical infrastructure. Industrial control systems (ICS), such as SCADA Systems that manage the grid, can be targets for cyber- attacks, which can create not only inconveniences but impact commerce, well-being and safety. Protecting grid systems from vulnerabilities and mitigating the risks should be at the forefront of every utility today. The traditional methods of protecting IT assets are not by themselves adequate protection for critical OT assets. For more, download the brief.

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  • Kay Stefferud

    Director of Implementation Services, EnerNex
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    Principal Consultant, EnerNex