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EnerNex is supporting the development and implementation of the Hawaiian Electric Companies’ Grid Modernization Strategy which was filed with the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission (PUC) on August 29, 2017. As part of the Grid Modernization Strategy, the Companies proposed a new Integrated Grid Planning process that integrates the needs at all levels of the system: customer, bulk power resources, transmission, and distribution. The comprehensive, customer-focused, and cooperative grid planning process would engage customers and stakeholders at key junctures in the integrated resource, transmission, and distribution planning effort.

Through Order No. 34696 accepting the Hawaiian Electric Companies’ Power Supply Improvement Plans, the PUC directed the Hawaiian Electric Companies to file with the commission “a report that details the Companies’ planning approach and schedule for the next round of integrated planning. The Companies shall file this report with the Commission no later than March 1, 2018.”

A grid planning Symposium focusing on leading practices and related planning technologies and tools across the US was held as part of this effort to develop a new integrated grid planning process for Hawai`i. Click here to stay up to date on the Companies’ Integrated Grid Planning.

Integrated Grid Planning Symposium

November 15-16, 2017 in Honolulu

Welcome: On November 15 and 16, 2017, EnerNex assisted in facilitating HECO’s Integrated Grid Planning Symposium. The Symposium was attended by roughly 150 stakeholders in person and by another roughly 80 via webinar on Day 1 and 50 on Day 2. Copies of panelist presentations and recordings from the webinar can be found on this web page.


This symposium will discuss the state of the art for Integrated Grid Planning (IGP) across the U.S. Also, inform attendees of the processes, methods, and technology being used and lessons learned. Hawaiian Electric is pleased to host this symposium with support from the US Department of Energy.

Day 1:

8:30-8:40 Welcome & Introduction 

  • Colton Ching, Hawaiian Electric

8:40-8:50 Opening Remarks

  • David Ige, Governor, State of Hawai‘i

8:50-10:00  Plenary:  Objectives for Hawaii’s IGP – Moderated discussion of the objectives for Hawaii’s IGP process.

Moderator: Colton Ching

  • Dean Nishina, Hawai‘i Consumer Advocate
  • Stanford Carr, Developer
  • Kyle Datta, Ulupono
  • Luis Salaveria, DBEDT

10:15-11:30 Panel 1: Integrated Grid Planning – Introduction to IGP including the process, methods, technology and stakeholder engagement considerations.  Overview of activity underway in U.S. to provide context.

Moderator:  Paul De Martini, Newport

12:30-1:45 Panel 2: Distribution Planning & Hosting Capacity -Introduction to distribution planning regarding current methods and changes being implemented to address DER growth. Includes discussion of use cases, methods and applications of hosting capacity in the U.S.

Moderator: Juliet Homer, PNNL

2:00—3:15 Panel 3: Locational Value – Discussion of emerging policies and practices for determining locational value across the U.S. along with appropriate context to understand implications for Hawaii.

Moderator: Paul De Martini, Newport

3:15-4:25 Panel 4: Stakeholder Engagement – Discussion of relevant best practices in U.S. for stakeholder engagement in integrated grid planning and insights from Hawaii’s experience.

Moderator:  Colton Ching

4:25-4:30 Summary Remarks

  • Colton Ching

Day 2:

8:00-8:15 Day’s Welcome & Open Remarks

  • Colton Ching

8:15-9:30 Panel 5: Grid Scale and DER Resources – Discussion on DER and grid scale resources and their potential in Hawaii.

Moderator:  Todd Kanja, Hawaiian Electric

9:45-11:00: Panel 6: Resource Planning Methods – Discussion on the integration of DER and grid scale resources and the optimization techniques.

Moderator:  Bob Zavadil, EnerNex

11:00-12:15      Lunch (12:00 Lunchtime Speaker:  Commissioner Lorraine Akiba, Hawai‘i PUC) – slides

12:15-1:30        Panel 7: State of IGP Technology (distribution integration analysis) – Discuss technology capabilities and relevant examples.

Moderator: Juliet Homer, PNNL

1:45-3:00 Panel 8: State of IGP Technology (reliability, resilience & system security) – Discuss technology capabilities and relevant examples.

Moderator:  Bob Zavadil, EnerNex

3:00-4:15 Closing Insights Plenary – Discuss key takeaways from the symposium for Hawaii’s IGP

Moderator: Colton Ching, Hawaiian Electric

  • Dean Nishina, Consumer Advocate
  • Donna Attanasio, GWU Law
  • Juliet Homer, PNNL
  • Paul Centolella, Fmr. Ohio Commissioner

4:15-4:30 Closing Remarks

  • Colton Ching


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