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Electric Power Systems Challenges with High Renewable Penetration: Experience and Perspectives from CESI + EnerNex

by | Jun 19, 2019 | Webinars


Electric Power Systems Challenges with High Renewable Penetration:
Experience and Perspectives from CESI + EnerNex

This joint CESI and EnerNex webinar offers an international perspective on renewable energy integration, along with current and future challenges set by the ambitious targets for renewable energy sources. Keeping the grid reliable and secure as renewable growth accelerates are significant industry concerns. Experts from CESI and EnerNex discuss the engineering approaches being applied to address these challenges, and how new approaches might be necessary along this path of renewable energy growth.



Bruno Cova

CESI Systems Planning Project Director

Bruno Cova has a MSc in Electrical Engineering. Since 1986 he has been working in Milan for CESI, a consultancy company focused on electrical system design, testing and certification. At present, he’s the director of Systems Planning Unit. He has extensive experience of transmission planning and feasibility studies relevant to power system interconnections and generation from renewable sources, notably in Europe, the southern and eastern Mediterranean region and some countries of Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa.

Bruno Cova has been engaged for years in international associations such as CIGRE and WEC (World Energy Council). At present, he’s CIGRE distinguished member and the Italian officer at CIGRE Study Committee C1 “Power System Development and Economics.”


Robert Zavadil, PE

EnerNex Chief Operating Officer

Bob Zavadil is a nationally recognized expert in electric power system issues for wind generation. His clients in the wind generation industry range from turbine designers and manufacturers to project developers and operators, along with transmission service providers and independent transmission system operators. He has extensive experience with new and emerging technologies for electric power generation, delivery, and utilization, including distributed generation and power electronics-based equipment and hence, is able to provide expert advice on all kinds of studies related to renewable power plants.

He has over forty years of experience in the electric power industry. He has supervised multiple wind integration and interconnection studies in bulk power systems and is actively involved in the majority of the modeling activities at EnerNex.

Bob is a member of the IEEE Power & Energy, Power Electronics, and Industrial Applications Societies, and serves as Vice-Chair of the IEEE PES Wind and Solar Power Coordinating Committee.

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