Sep 3, 2021 | Article

[IEEE Smart Grid] Implementing a Sensor Strategy

by | Sep 3, 2021 | Article

Implementing a Sensor Strategy

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Presented by: Ron Chebra, Jens Schoene, and Brian Smith

Part 2 in 2 Part Series: Leveraging Sensors for Greater Situational Awareness


To provide an example of sensor selection, location optimization, data transport and handling for effective use in the enterprise.



  1. Selecting the proper sensors for the application and enterprise use
  2. Placing the sensors at the optimal locations for greatest efficacy
  3. Determining the communications requirements (e.g. peak data rate, latency and coverage)
  4. Applying appropriate cyber requirements for data assurance and threat prevention
  5. Data ingestion approaches, validation and alignment
  6. Enterprise data distribution

Learning Goals:

  1. Develop proper rigor around sensor implementations including communication and data treatment
  2. Applying appropriate data trust levels to ensure proper cybersecurity measures

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